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Science speaks for itself: you don’t have to exercise for hours on end to improve all aspects of your health and to increase your lifespan. In fact, the secret to feeling fit, healthy, and mentally refreshed really lies in how consistently you move. Even the most demanding fitness experts agree that getting your heart pumping, whichever you choose, is your ticket to improving your health—and you don’t have to commit to classes. learning takes hours to do it. “The great thing about exercise (especially low-intensity exercise, such as walking, stair climbing, steady-state cycling) is that it all has value and it also builds up. accumulated,” agreed star coach Luke Worthington. “When it comes to low-intensity exercise, doing an hour in one sitting really isn’t much different than doing two 20-minute [sessions] or 12 [session] five minutes. It’s as simple as making the decision to move on purpose every day. That includes taking the stairs instead of the elevator, getting off the bus earlier, or even walking around the supermarket instead of ordering online. It all counts!”

Thank You For The Memories Adam Thielen 19 Minnesota Vikings 2013 – 2023 T-Shirt

Stylists first worked with Palmer in 2014, when she hosted a badly short BET talk show. The trio temporarily broke up in 2016—to pursue new businesses—but they got back together last fall. Wayman + Micah, who had never worked with pregnant celebrity clients before, quickly learned to highlight and celebrate Palmer’s changing image on the red carpet during this exciting time. “Michael Kors is a great brand for Keke at this point in her life,” the two said. “His look helped emphasize her pregnancy radiance and really accentuated her new silhouette!” However, Palmer has tailored her maternity fashion to who she is, not the other way around. The star didn’t hesitate to show off her skin and use bold tones, as illustrated when she donned a flowing, semi-transparent yellow dress for a David LaChapelle photo shoot. The bold outfit featured a prominent cut at her belly, proving that maternity fashion can masterfully show off, rather than hide or lower, a baby’s fat lines. It’s the modern maternity play, especially for celebrities; just look at Rihanna’s many eye-catching looks from last year. Wayman + Micah is proud of this current radical approach. “Keke’s style is still the same as Keke’s,” they said. “She still loves to wear bold colors and fun silhouettes, so we wanted to make sure she continued to feel like herself, just adding a little radiance!”

Thank You For The Memories Adam Thielen 19 Minnesota Vikings 2013 – 2023 T-Shirt hoddie-black

Just a month later, she shimmered in a sequined Michael Kors gown at the 2023 New York Film Critics Circle Awards. The side slits accentuated her growing bump. Next up: a stunning pregnancy scene captured by the famous David LaChapelle. Not long after, Palmer shared a closer and more intimate set of pregnancy photos filled with cozy ribbed knit tops and neutral tones. Stylist duo Wayman Bannerman and Micah McDonald played an important role in Palmer’s impressive maternity fashion. “We started working with clothing to cover the bump and distract from the area,” they told Vogue at the time before Palmer’s SNL announcement. Since then, “we moved to celebrate it.” Getty Images Stylists turned to independent American brand Sportmax to create a memorable military-blue three-piece suit. The bra underneath added a healthy dose of femininity to the oversized and androgynous figure. Bannerman and McDonald (who are known professionally as Wayman + Micah) share: “We were truly looking for timeless looks that would stand the test of time. The two said they wanted something where “Keke could look back at her first SNL host gig in years from now and the look and feel still fit.” Some viewers compared Palmer’s revealing of a vest to a similar move performed by Beyoncé at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. Since Palmer is an outspoken fan of the singer, is this a conscious reference? “It was really just a coincidence!” Wayman + Micah answered. “We just wanted to make it a moment. With SNL being a major career milestone and her pregnancy a major life milestone, it was important that it was theatrical. She even improvised on what was rehearsed, so we knew she felt the most confident during the reveal.”

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