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When designing a new restaurant in Los Angeles, renowned interior designer Jeremiah Brent’s first thought was that he wanted it to look nothing like Los Angeles. In fact, when he first stepped into the vacant Culver City space, he felt most inspired by the European modernist movements founded in cities thousands of miles away. miles: specifically Gio Ponti and his playful, biological curves; the simple yet functional beauty of Charlotte Perriand; and geometrical motifs of the Vienna Secession. “I incorporated elements that look like a ode to the past, but also feel oddly relevant to the present,” says Brent. He then examines the cradle of restaurant culture, Paris, and its many bistros, brasseries, and bars-à-vins. “The biggest inspiration for me is the proximity of the cafe on the street,” he added.

Damn right I am a wild fan now and forever shirt

The result is Juliet, which opens February 1. Backed by Rohan Talwar, the restaurateur behind LA favorites Margot and Norah as well as David Fishbein of the Runyon Group, the restaurant serves Modern French cuisine in a chic atmosphere of Brent: striped French chairs and saffron velvet banquettes lined with scalloped wooden table tops, all perched on herringbone parquet floors. Wicker arches stand out against the gray-blue walls, while rich mahogany accents dominate throughout. However, the bar serves as the main interior accent, with its shiny red lacquer facade and marble countertops. And bang dab in the middle? A communal table runs the length of the room, perfect for those having a casual date night or wanting to dine alone with a book and a glass of Sancerre. “It cuts the formality of the meal in half,” says Brent of his unusual design choice. A delicious salad at Juliet.

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There is also a courtyard decorated with rattan seating—very similar to the material of the time—and verdant trees. “For me, the irony about Los Angeles is that you have great weather and not a lot of outdoor dining,” says Brent. “Here it is the opposite. Culinary director Michael Williams has developed a recognizable — but not exclusive — menu of Gallic origin. Le Marais meets LA in dishes like moules persillade (chilled mussels and verte sauce) or poisson cru (sliced amber, Meyer lemon ponzu and chili oil). with Southern California oranges. Photo: Liz BarclayAnd like the great bistros in Paris, Brent hopes Juliet will become one of those places that has been—and stays—forever. “It has a duality between function and beauty,” he said. I’ll admit that when I read the New York Post headline: “Spring Cleaning Queen Has Abandoned Ordering: ‘My House Is Messy'” over a picture of Marie Kondo, it sparked fun. Not quite a giggling Disney villain, but a smug, adrenalin vindication.

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