Has anyone heard any info from Zillion Beers NL shirt. about the Marcus Fenix golden lancer pop? I heard from a couple of people that a lot of the stores didn’t have him in their shipment and he might not be in stores tomorrow/delayed Gamestop’s lineup is good but I can absolutely live without everything they’re getting. I’ll stop in still and see what they have but that’s only because it’s in the same mall as the Hot Topic I’ll be getting Grodd from.

Zillion Beers NL shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Zillion Beers NL  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Zillion Beers NL  Hoodie
Zillion Beers NL  LongSleeve
Zillion Beers NL  Sweatshirt
Zillion Beers NL  Unisex

Well, I made this post and had read some misinformation that Barbosa would be at Hot Topic Zillion Beers NL shirt. He is at Amazon though. Which is equally convenient. For the Indiana Jones pop, I’ve read on here that it’s tied to the ride because of the back. Does anyone have an image of the back of the Pop? Also, for the previous Disney Park exclusive Haunted Mansion pops, are they sold in the Disney Store outside, or are they only in the park by the ride? The Haunted Mansion Pops were randomly sold on the Disney Store site at one point but other than that they were only available at the gift shop near the ride and Pin Traders in Disney Springs. They don’t have them anymore. The closest thing you’ll find is the Nemo and Dory Pops I tried to tell people this in a Facebook group and got ganged up on so bad. I can’t believe people think Marcus’ are the same as these. You can never preorder ones and it wasn’t even on the leaked list Where do these pics come from? I have a hard time finding anything on Instagram. Just wondering where stuff like this gets posted, along with the information about Mag, PPG, etc. This one, I do not know, I just saw it on another part of this reddit. It was said to be an employee but idk where it originally came from I just want doctor strange, Marcus Fenix, and green goblin. Thus will be my first hunt and first rare pops. I only really have spider Gwen unmasked from walgreens Does anyone have a ballpark estimate for pricing on these items? Are they going to be the common price the store sells their Pops for or will they ad a premium on top of the regular price? How big will that premium be?
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