There was never any announcement of her work, but the word spread like wildfire many had to be turned away daily. Vans Christmas Gingerbread Shirt Then she found a big home on the Boulevard, rather shabby inside, but conveniently arranged for suites of two or even three rooms. Here a considerable number of families might have space for a complete ménage; plenty of light and air, and room to cook and sleep. Before long she was housing ninety-eight, but a few of these were able to re-establish themselves, so when I visited her in September, 1916, there were sixty-five. As her own funds were limited, and fast disappearing, she had in the end to appeal to the “Relief” to subsidize this “Home.”

Vans Christmas Gingerbread Shirt

Vans Christmas Gingerbread Shirt

Vans Christmas Gingerbread Guys Tee

Guys Tee
Vans Christmas Gingerbread Guys Tee

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