When provocateur designer Quand Louise Est Sage Mfie Toi shirt. Riccardo Tisci first took the helm of Burberry in 2018, one of his first moves as creative director to reinvigorate the 163-year-old brand’s logo. He tapped former New Order member Peter Saville to create a retro interlocked version of the initials ‘TB’ in homage to Burberry’s founder, Thomas Burberry.

Quand Louise Est Sage Mfie Toi shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Quand Louise Est Sage Mfie Toi  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Quand Louise Est Sage Mfie Toi  Hoodie
Quand Louise Est Sage Mfie Toi  LongSleeve
Quand Louise Est Sage Mfie Toi  Sweatshirt

Now Tisci is shaking things up yet again, choosing Gigi Hadid to front the brand’s new monogram collection campaign Quand Louise Est Sage Mfie Toi shirt. In four separate images, Hadid takes on different British stereotypes, playing a British chav, a tie-wearing businessman, a streetwear thot, and a posh elite. Overall, the collection goes a long way to demonstrate the versatility of the new logo Remember janties? Those minuscule strips of denim that amounted to more or less a very stiff pair of underwear? They’re just one of many clothing items that have gone viral as of late for their sheer ridiculousness (Fashion Nova ripped denim and transparent PVC pants also come to mind), yet despite how much everyone seems to hate these garments, apparently being at the centre of an internet outrage cycle actually helps to drive sales. “Hype is real,” Lyst’s vice-president of communications, Katy Lubin, told The Guardian. In the case of janties, Lyst recorded a 2,250% increase in searches for the item on their platform, and the style sold out and received a restock on SSENSE. Apparently their viral popularity marked them as one of the main trends of festival season (Coachella was comedically dubbed “Buttchella” by one horrified fashion reporter). So next time you feel the urge to fire off a tweet making fun of a pair of pants, perhaps curb the impulse if it’s about something you don’t want to see in the near future. As they say, any hot hair helps a balloon get off the ground. You’re only contributing to the problem
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