The first to be featured in the series Pug autism its ok to be different shirt. is Maria Surducan. Given That I’ve been raising a little dragon, I have also become acquainted with the wonderful publishing house Usborne. And that is how I discovered Maria Surducan from Cluj Napoca (Romania). Sadly, it was through a foreign publisher and not one of our own. We’re not very good at promoting our values, it seems. But I was psyched to see that she is a regular Usborne collaborator, having created illustrations for a collection of stories from Shakespeare’s plays, written and edited by Anna Milbourne. The other picture book is The Canterbury Tales, retold for children.Apart from children’s books, she draws unique illustration for graphic novels, posters and comics. She also contributed to an extremely playful project for a deck of cards, called Mascarici. She regularly updates her blog with events and sketches and her skills’progress.

Pug autism its ok to be different shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Pug autism its ok to be different  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Pug autism its ok to be different  Hoodie
Pug autism its ok to be different  LongSleeve
Pug autism its ok to be different  Sweatshirt

What is more, she also has a sister, Ileana Surducan, following on her footsteps Pug autism its ok to be different shirt. Both parents are physicians, so the girls are truly doing it for the arts, encouraged by open minded people. Their passion was never met with opposition, so much so that they never considered doing anything else.Maria created Praslea cel Voinic based on three common Romanian fairy tales and crowd-funded the project through, an online platform similar to Kiskstarter. It was her dream to turn these traditional stories into a graphic novel and she beautifully succeeded. That’s because, beyond her drawing skills she also has the gift of story-telling.After the world had become addicted to electronic commerce, Cyber Monday sales were invented to create a sale day dedicated to brick and mortar stores, similar to Black Monday. I believe Cyber Monday should be only about massive discount in online shops. Specifically, those that sell only in that medium or products that are available in digital format. I felt the need to clarify that because retailers and independent brands seem to lump together the two days and extend BF to four days.Therefore, this post is here to include only those who sell exclusively online, that have special Cyber Monday sales and those that deal with digital products and services.
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