There’s a tangible difference between 2016 Trump and 2020 Trump. He looks so.. defeated. He’s gotten tired of the shtick and desperately yearns to retire, and seeing the turnout for something that I’m certain he’s been looking forward to for weeks now must have broken him on AF1. And I don’t think it’s just a mental decline, it’s much more.Nationale Drink Wijin Dag Jano1-dec31 Shirt, bombastic, Us vs. Them shit in an official capacity day in and day out for what is now 1,326 days straight. It’s gotta be the most exhaustive thing he’s willingly put himself through in arguably his entire career and at 74 years old that kind of lifestyle would break even the toughest bastards.

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Snuck, is a misnomer. They were brought here by the Government,Nationale Drink Wijin Dag Jano1-dec31 Shirt. And put to work so we could win the Space Race. Von Brown designed the V2 rockets that terrorized London among other places. He was immediately forgiven, they changed his name to Brown and ran NASA for a long time. Sometimes in all ways except the title. Imagine going into the office for work and your biggest task for the day is holding a meeting where you gather all your in the boardroom and silently stand at the front of the room… picking up a glass of water… drinking it… and then dropping the mic. Then your boss comes up to you afterward and offers you a raise and a shining review. That’s basically what we watched.

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Nationale Drink Wijin Dag Jano1-dec31 Sweatshirt
Nationale Drink Wijin Dag Jano1-dec31 Hoodie

I don’t know what to call it. It’s not a political rally.Nationale Drink Wijin Dag Jano1-dec31 Shirt. It was just him trying to explain the weird behaviors he gets called out on. And all I got was an hour and a half of defensive ranting. There was nothing entertaining about it either. I don’t know what show his supporters were watching but it wasn’t the same one I was . It’s so bizarre – it’s like the people who are there are just excited to cheer at literally anything and be a part of a crowd. nothing. I’ve had a more intellectually stimulating conversation with my dog.
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