The pain from breaking the tooth was so bad it was a relief to on. But I noticed quickly that I could not drink anything cold on the side of my mouth. I figured this was just due to how deep the filling went. I started tilting my head to drink cold water. Then my GF started telling me I was eating in my sleep. After a few weeks, she became concerned. “You are slamming your teeth together and grinding the shit out of Motley Triie Theatre Of Pain Shirt them at night,” she said. I bought a mouthguard. A few months In and I started to wake up with headaches. Looking back, these all should have been signs of how much pain I was in. The whole process was super easy, don’t let anyone tell you root canals hurt. The surgeon told me to expect pain for a few days also some jaw soreness.

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It happened fast, my primary dentist sends me over to right from his office. But, the oral surgeon can’t figure out what is going on. He has some sort of Motley Triie Theatre Of Pain Shirt liquid nitrogen tool that he is spraying onto my teeth and telling me to raise my hand when it hurts. But I’m not raising my hand. It feels strange I tell him. Annoyed and confused the Dr leaves to go call my primary. When he comes back he says: I trust primary, if he says you need a root canal then that’s what we will do.  Waking up the morning after, I feel like a whole new person. I can’t believe I was able to ignore that level of pain for that long but it feels like a drug not to have it.

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I used to get ear infections all the time as a kid.  Well, neither out naturally. While the extraction didn’t hurt, it was a bizarre experience. It feels like someone turned on an electric toothbrush inside your head while simultaneously having the Motley Triie Theatre Of Pain Shirt loudest and most intense chalkboard scratching going on right on your eardrum.  I hadn’t even realized how much pain I was in over the past two years. Compared to that pain, the soreness from the procedure felt great. Right after the novocaine wore off I felt incredibly strange and clear-headed for the first time I could remember. I was less irritable and I wasn’t clenching my jaw like I usually do.
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