My mother was really judgmental of other women growing up (and she still is) so I was also raised to be judgmental.It Doesn’T Matter What You Think Shirt. I sometimes catch myself now silently judging other women and people on their appearance but I have to stop and tell myself to knock it off because it’s not right. I wish I had known from a young age that other people’s has nothing to do with me so I have no right to think so negatively about them. So helpful when you’re quitting an addiction too. It’s ok to crave drugs, ice cream, or whatever. That first thought is out of your hands. It’s what you do with it that defines you. As someone struggling with fentanyl and crack addiction, thank you for this, I needed to hear it.

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That’s literally my exact story. I never once bought illegally – it was all prescribed.It Doesn’T Matter What You Think Shirt. I’ve been clean for 3 years, too. No rehab, no 12 steps, just…no more drugs. Been their man, still, am I suppose. Try and set some basic goals that you can start working on each day. Sitting around doing nothing is the worst thing you can do (not saying you are. I bought a couple of plants that I’m growing and even just watering them each day has been helpful. Message me anytime. Dude, you got this! If you ever need an ear to listen, no judgment, I got you. I have no idea who you are or what you have done. I don’t care, and I love you!

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It Doesn’T Matter What You Think Sweatshirt
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As my username suggests, I was a heavy smoker a few years ago. Like an 8th a day heavy. It Doesn’T Matter What You Think Shirt. I tried to quit a few times for half-assed reasons but failed. The thing that made quitting easy was telling myself. That I’m doing it to make myself feel “normal.” I was good friends and hung around other smokers and that’s just what we did. Once I realized that this wasn’t normal or beneficial to me. Then it was easy. I was basically on a treadmill, every day, of thinking “ok, wake up, go to work, go home and change, text my dealer for an 8th, text my mates and smoke.” Yess!! I would love a beer today. It is SO HOT, I’m stressed out and work has been crap. But I will not be drinking today, I have not drunk for the past 200 days – and that’s all the matters.

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