If the business owner declined a paltry sum, police and the local fire department and other regulating agencies would suddenly take a great interest in that particular business. They could have been operating for years without anything even remotely approaching that level of scrutiny. And now they’ve got all these cops and inspectors looking for all possible code violations or whatever the hell they could cite and hassle the owner/workers/customers for. No, that’s anI Wet My Plants Shirt civil case, not criminal. Qualified immunity only applies to civil liability, as your article says.

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You could drive through it without even in it. Weird demands if you don’t actively provide discounts, like expecting the manager to follow the cop car back to the station after collecting a thief and filling out a statement on the spot “or we aren’t going to bother taking them” – sometimes the store might be too busy to leave or you may be the only key holder and not able to leave. Most cops understand this and expect you to swing by after shift or in the I Wet My Plants Shirt morning. Yeah, where the fuck are they getting their supply of drugs from to plant on people? Someone above him allows this and I want their badge.

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Delays and more delays occur costing everyone I experienced this two separate times in two locations. The first time after about a week of this nonsense and our corporate people making no headway (because a large corporation can’t pay bribes) one day theI Wet My Plants Shirt general contractor walked in and hung new permits up on the door and said he took care of it and we were good. Fire marshal never even came to inspect the final product. I asked the GC and he said “cost of doing business” and he builds that cost into his quotes.
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