I’ve read the entire dialogue for Sins of the Father, Fremmenik exiles, and Song of the elves, and it before for many quests. I recently did Desert Treasure and RFD and read everyDoctor Hero Cape Mask Coronavirus Shirt. Whoever wrote RFD deserves some sort of award for comedy writing. Auto skips the dialogue for you unless you need to make a selection. Which you could then use the number keys for! The writing in ours is pretty solid. A tale of two cats is probably my favorite for dialogue though. I remember reading My Arms Big Adventure’s dialogue.

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And laughed out loud like 4 times. Some of these quests are so well done. Don’t forget Captain Barnaby saying The first time you talk to him after the quest. Is he the captain in Ardy who slowly loses it as you try to talk to him with My Arm? I haven’t done theDoctor Hero Cape Mask Coronavirus Shirt in years. I loved that dialogue. The small cut scene with My Arm walking to the goat tied it in. Omg, the reward window at the end when it said “You tolerated My Arm’s Big Adventure” I laughed way too hard at that. Hopefully, the Xeric quests are dark.

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I almost saw a soul’s bane as an alliteration. It might not be the correct word to an alcoholic or someone. Who lost a or became mentally unstable. Even though he hurt people, there are people that still care for the Doctor Hero Cape Mask Coronavirus Shirt and when he’s ready he can come back. It’s also always felt very out of place to me. Mostly because it doesn’t tie in with any other quest, but also just takes place in a hole in the ground rather than using any of the worlds. With how strikingly dark it is as well, I felt like I was in a different universe altogether.
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