chargers are the most complete in the AFC but Darth Maul Star Wars Zombie shirt. they screwed blowing a 10 pt lead at home against the Broncos a month ago. it cost them the division and a bye. now they have to go at ravens. Anyone else sees the left DT obviously lined up on the line of scrimmage on the Browns last play. With the camera behind the line of scrimmage, it felt like it shoulda been a free play. We lost, but what a fucking season. Years of misery and we finally got a damn QB.

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Looking forward to next season, big things to come from Big Dick Baker and this Brownies squad Darth Maul Star Wars Zombie shirt. That game was the reason Greg isn’t gonna be our coach. Horrible clock management and not noticing that Baltimore ran the same 5 plays all game. There’s only so many times they run up the middle before you prepare for it. Well, he wasn’t calling the defensive plays so I don’t wanna blame him that much on it. The second half adjustments were great but the clock management could have been a little better.  Steelers have no one to blame but themselves. How to do you lose to Oakland then beat NE? A team with this level of talent should be in the playoffs. Such a waste. That was a super intense game. I’m bummed the Browns lost, but a) the Steelers are out of the playoffs and b) this makes us less likely to keep Gregg as full-time HC (as good as he was in the interim). That goal-line fumble should have been a Browns TD though.  Good game Ravens. That was everything I had wanted it to be, minus us winning of course. Looking forward to years of this kind of football going forward in the AFC North. Lamar isn’t a run first QB like RG3 was, they really are not that similar other than they are both good runners. Lamar is a pocket passer first unlike RG3. I wanna say fuck you Browns, but no. This is 100% on us. We don’t deserve the playoffs after that choke job against trash teams. GG Browns, Congrats Ravens! I hope we step our fucking game next year. Imagine trying to do your job and consistently doing you’re job literally 100% wrong and then never getting reprimanded for it, and other people get fined for calling you out on it. That’s bullshit that they can’t judge that Peppers would’ve scored as there was no Ravens player within 40 yards of him
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