We remember the thrill with which the first one was read in America. Black Cat Dallas Legend Shirt  After the war there will be pilgrimages to the little room where it was printed. I had the privilege of having it shown me by that friend of the Cardinal who was the printer of the first letter, and whose brother was at this time a prisoner in Germany for having printed the second. The room was much as it had been left after the search; books were still disarranged on their shelves, papers and pamphlets heaped in confusion on the tables. The red seals with which the Germans had closed the keyholes had been broken, but their edges still remained. Standing in the midst of the disarray, remembering that the owner had already been six months in a German prison, and looking out on the shattered façade at the end of the garden, I realized, at least partly, another moment of the war.

Black Cat Dallas Legend Shirt

Black Cat Dallas Legend Shirt

Black Cat Dallas Legend Guys Tee

Guys Tee
Black Cat Dallas Legend Guys Tee

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