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Connie Britton: I live in LA, and dear Edward shot in New York. I love New York, but my son is 12, and you know, I just can’t get him out of school. Part of the reason I was able to do Dear Edward is that they were so generous and helpful in helping me schedule my flight to work for a few days and then straight out. I would only go maybe every three or four days. It was hard, because I hated being away from my son, but at least it made it possible for me to do the show. I really hope that it creates an avenue towards conversation around pain. I really think the world is in a state of collective grief and loss after years of global pandemics and the global climate crisis that are weighing heavily on people around the world, and I think there are a deep connection to the fact that we all experience grief. I hope that this show will bring a sense of understanding to those around me and let people know that they are not alone. When we tell stories right on television, we can really influence the way people know themselves, and that’s my goal. Dee Dee reminds me a bit of your character Ally from SMILF**, as well as Nicole from**The White Lotus**. What do you think drew you to that social role?**

Paul McDonald 2023 Orange Beach shirt

Well, that’s interesting, because I love playing Tami Taylor, who isn’t like that. However, in recent years, the idea of playing characters that reflect a certain type of woman in this society has been very interesting to me. We’ve all had this idea of women who choose to live their lives with the kind of value system that revolves around social status and materialism, and I’m happy to break that down and understand human nature. the real person of that woman. Who is she? What is she denying about herself or not letting herself know about herself because she is so worried about all the things outside of her? I’ve always believed that every character I play (and I think, practically every woman in the world) is really trying to find her own strength, even if she doesn’t know how. It’s fun to be like, how can I find these characters’ powers?

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It’s great. Obviously, Friday Night Lights is where a lot of my values as an actor are created and reinforced, and I really love the way that movie was shot and the way we worked together. I have come to this point in my life when I want to work with people I love and trust. Probably Tami Taylor, but then there are plenty of American Horror Story fans. Nashville, sure, and of course, The White Lotus. I really enjoy doing something animated. I want to make a kids movie or some really fun animated show or a really cool kids movie. I want to do something that I can watch with my son. After moving from New York to Los Angeles for Season 2, then to the picturesque suburbs of California for Season 3, the fourth installment of Sera Gamble’s twisted thriller sees the serial killer hatch Penn Badgley’s incubation moved to the British capital. Before the release, here’s everything we know so far.

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