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After a few weeks, I started to feel worse. Negative thoughts like “I want to give up my career” and “I am not good enough for this anymore” started to enter my mind. My sex drive disappeared, I felt confused all the time, all I wanted to do was sleep, and my anxiety spiked. Do I need to take antidepressants? What happened? And then there’s my skin problem, which makes me look like I’m almost 100 years old. It wasn’t until a routine gynecological check-up with the brilliant Jeffrey Braithwaite that I realized I was in perimenopause, a term used to refer to people going through puberty. period leading to menopause. According to experts, perimenopause can last from 4 to 10 years and usually occurs in the early 40s. Although it varies from person to person, symptoms can include mood swings. , brain fog, aches, heart palpitations, chest pain, weight gain, insomnia, hot flashes, night sweats, whole body dryness and loss of sex drive. as anxiety and depression levels rise—most of that applies to me.

Official keep fighting taras shevchenko adult shirt

After my check up I did some blood tests with the Effects Doctor and spoke to several hormone specialists to discuss my options and was prescribed oestrogen, which can helps with problems such as hot flashes, sweating, fatigue, depression, libido, skin and hair; and progesterone, which help with headaches, palpitations, joint pain, anxiety, and insomnia. At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do Hormone Replacement Therapy, but I was desperate and so I started right away. Three weeks later, I feel better. It was like my old self was coming back: the anxiety disappeared and I was able to think clearly again. I’m about to enter my third month now before I go in for a check-up to see if we need to adjust our treatment.

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If I hadn’t gone for a routine check-up, I don’t know where I would be right now. The whole thing hit me without any warning. If I had known what was going to happen, I could at least have been more prepared. It often upsets me to think of other women in my position who may not have access to the same resources as I do, or who may not even know that they are on the journey to their prime. menopause. Going through life thinking that something is wrong with you without knowing there is a way to treat it, is scary. Maybe they started drinking to cope or have harmful thoughts. I can see how that can ruin a marriage or ruin one’s career, because of how bad it makes me feel. A recent study reported that 60% of divorces were initiated by women of menopausal age, while a survey by the Menopause Expert Group found suicide rates among women between the ages of 20 and 20. 45 to 54 has grown by 6% in 20 years. With the right support, perhaps some of this could be avoided.

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