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A self-love queen, Gomez has previously discussed embracing herself in any form. She has stated that her “real belly” is coming back, showing off her kidney transplant scar and regularly discussing in the media about her weight and appearance. “B*tch, I’m perfect the way I am,” she quips. “The spirit of the story? Goodbye.” If that’s not the kind of energy we all need today, what is? “Know where I can get a good dry bite?” my friend asked via WhatsApp, apparently hoping she could turn to a longtime beauty editor for the right hairstyle advice I confess I really don’t know what it is – I guess aside from getting a haircut on dry hair – and asking her why she wanted one. She wrote, “I want a nice bang and I’ve heard that’s the best way to get the right shape.” When I met her that weekend, she was the proud owner of dramatic, ’70s style bangs, dry cut.

Helllo Jazz Emu shirt

Incidentally, I also booked an appointment with hairstylist Luke Hersheson on the same day as my friend. “Yes, that is definitely a thing,” he confirmed when I asked him about it. “Currently I dry-cut a lot. I tend to cut the roots when the hair is wet, then I blow dry the hair and cut it all back. But lately, I haven’t washed my hair in the first place, but instead have cut it straight to prevent it from drying out.” The dry cut technique has been around for a while, but it’s making a comeback as it offers the perfect style for the wash-and-go trend that’s so popular right now. “If you’re someone who doesn’t really want to use a blow dryer or do anything with your hair, then a dry cut might be for you,” says Hersheson. “When the hair is freshly washed, it behaves differently. Dry cutting means you can see how the hair reacts, how wavy and curly it is, and you can see the shape of the hair immediately.”

Helllo Jazz Emu s hoodie

Without realizing it, I was trapped in a vicious cycle of demonic sleep for most of my adult life. Now, however, my journaling has put me on the right track — this is a frustrating moment indeed. It’s rare that we see celebrities looking really undone. With an entire team of glamor dedicated to helping them look polished and groomed, you’d be forgiven for thinking that they’re always looking to the next level. Just like us, they have their makeup-free moments, times when they just can’t be bothered to put in the effort, as Selena Gomez demonstrated on Wednesday. Posting a trio of photos of her, bare-faced and beautiful, the singer and founder of Rare Beauty gave us an insight into what she looked like in her downtime. Captioning the photos with ‘me’, she posed looking relaxed and content, with her cheeks propped up in her hands. A refreshing departure from most celebrity selfies, she has no makeup on in the photos—even a small pimple can be seen below her nose. Smashing the myth that celebrities are always flawless and the fact that she’s always perfect, she still looks gorgeous and resplendent.

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